Down, Down, Down

Well, it looks like the new functionality for voting words out of the database is getting some attention. I see that the work 'a' as singular noun is just one vote away from getting kicked out. The uncapitalized 'african' has been stuck needing seven votes for a while. Maybe I ought to drop the level down to 5 from 10.

Marko writes, "Your band name generator is awesome. I love it. I just have one problem: please change the background colors on the song lyrics generator. I can only read the last bottom lines!"

Really? Anyone else have this problem? Should I rip out the weird coloring?

Kirk writes, "You shouldn't let people add new words."

I think it's working well so far. This voting words out thing has legs, I tell you.

An anonymous person said, "Erm, at the risk of looking stupid, this site just confuses me... and the jokes... they aren't funny.."

It's funny to give people like this stuff out of the generators without telling them what it is.

Obi Wan Seven Beard writes, "I enjoy thsi site and adding words to it's database... thank you for your cooperation."

Move along.