Vote 'em Down!

I added code last night to allow you to vote against a word. Once it has too many votes against it, it stops showing up in the generators. Let's see how well this works.


Hardening I lip, hardening I might

Herman asks, "I would like to commend you on the great random generators! I am wondering if you still do updates on it?"

Thank you, and yes.

Chris says, "I am the lead guitarist and vocalist for Super 17, a Band out of Melbourne, Australia....Is there a copyright law on Randomly Generated Files/Data/Stuff etc.?"

The text is all random. I don't claim any copyright on it. The images in the random comics are the ownership of the people who made them and can only be used for that exact purpose.

Ryan told me, "Hi. You may remember me. I wrote a song called Skull Cracking Windchime using lyrics from your random lyrics generator. You may be interested to know that Skull Cracking Windchime was played on the radio. It was number one on Louisville's local music show's request list for two weeks. I still perform it live, and I always plug your site."

Awesome! Ryan's band is Thirtysilver. You can email him to buy a copy of the CD.

It would be interesting if there were a compilation CD of songs inspired by the random generators.

Harry Cheesman writes, "My name is Harry Cheesman. At the following link amongst lots of famous people's names I saw my name! How is this?" And then he links to the dump of the database.

OK, who put Harry Cheesman's name in the database?

Another Chris said, "I have just found out that you are a googlewhack. It means that you are the only person who has the two words antidisenstablishmentarianism and hermaphrodite on your website."

It's a side effect of that database dump. It's attracting lots of strange google traffic, I guess. There are probably many, many googlewhacks from the database. For example, I found "trepidatiously tribally" pretty easily.

Craig asks, "What language are you coding in?"

I think the answer you want is PHP. There's a good book about it called Core PHP Programming.

Craig continues, "I started a new random URL site called CraigsRandomWebsite.com and would really really really appreciate it if you mentioned it on your site or in your blog. I also have other 'random' content that your readers might enjoy."

I thought the Jokes with Realistic Endings article on Something Awful was hillarious. It kind of reminded me of the random jokes. Maybe I should see if there are a few more patterns to pull out and put into the generator.