SCIgen - An Automatic CS Paper Generator

Here's a cute generator of Computer Science papers I found through boingboing.net.


Alternative to Lorem Ipsum greeking?

Mark Frauenfelder posted on BoingBoing.net about a generator that makes random text in hillbilly-speak. But we know the random essays at Leon's Random Generators are better. And if you want your greek to look like it was written by a hillbilly, use Samuel Stoddard's Dialectizer in redneck mode.


Comment Round Up

Here's a fake dialog that makes it seem like comments I've received from the past year or so were delivered in a public forum.

Kalle Christiansen:
There are many words in your database that don't actually exist. I propose you delete those words. Just a thought.

Leon: It's impossible to delete something that doesn't exist. However, there is a problem with garbage in the database. I've been ruminating about how to resolve this without me having to edit the words. My best idea so far is to allow words to be voted out of use.

Marcus: At last! A site that celebrates the lunacy of language, that can transport me to parallel worlds with ridiculous characters and unlikely scenarios. Thank you. It's good to know there are people out there that appreciate this kind of thing. Surreal bellylaughs.

Mark Summers: Thats not necessarily the correct adhesive!

Marcus: This is great but it would be nice if people were smart enough to understand correct grammar when entering their own words into the database. Even nonsense should make sense, if you know what I mean. It's so annoying to see singular nouns instead of plural nouns etc. Otherwise great fun.

Leon: I know.

Jimmy: Hey..love the generators! They're awesome! Keep up the great work. Anyway, I have a new generator to suggest. I think a random screen name generator would be cool. Just a thought.

Leon: Use the band name generator and remove the spaces.

Rita: I like the new look. When you add a word that is already in the list of words, does it show up more?

Leon: No. A work is in or out and they are all equally weighted.

Rita: I think one of your links is broken. It is on "News".

Leon: Yeah, I think that's right.

Chris: Theres a lot of really dumb words that look like they were added by teenagers that just [mess] up the system. I think any time spent filtering those out would be well spent.

Leon: Rotten Teenagers!

Adwanoc: Your site is very well made. Your random generators are a constant source of entertainment and inspiration. Your existence makes the Internet a little more worthwhile. Thank you for all the times your site has helped me write lyrics, name a band, or tell a joke.

Leon: You're welcome.

Emilio: I'm from Argentina and now studying in the USA. Found your website recently, It's quite amusing. I'm particularly interested in the topic of random comic generation. I hope you don't mind that I linked to your page from mine (http://www.randomcomics.netfirms.com/). A reciprocal link will be appreciated if you think it's linkworthy.

Leon: Ha ha! Yes.

Jaana: Hey, I'm new to this site but have been writing songs and singing for a really long time and was wondering, how can I make them into songs myself? Just woundering. Thanx!

Leon: Uhm, generate some random lyrics. Generate a random chord progression. Make up a melody. Record yourself singing the lyrics to the melody while playing the chord progression on a guitar or piano.

Leon: Happy New Year! Those are the most interesting comments from last year.

Blog Launched

I get a regular stream of comments on the random generators. I hope the blog format will allow me to share the funny ones that don't require a response to the author and to respond publicly to the others.